Vinyl needs to be able to combat the elements of various weather conditions. From the heat of sunny Spain to the constant rain of Great Britain. Vinyl needs to able to battle them all. Surely vinyl can’t withstand all weather conditions? You’ll be surprised. Learn below how we ensure all of our vinyl is able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

There are lots of different types of vinyl so it’s important to pick the right materials for the job. It also depends if you are using self-coloured or printed vinyl. Self-coloured vinyl (simple colours) and specialty vinyls that come ready to apply tend to have a decent outdoor lifespan depending on the manufacturer. These can withstand rain, sunshine and most things in between.

Printed Vinyl

Printed vinyl is another story. Printed vinyl that you intend to leave outside should be laminated in order to protect it from water, sun and oil. While it may last for a year outside without laminate, laminating it can increase its lifespan up to 7 years and makes sure that the inks do not fade in sunlight. You wouldn’t want your new wrap or sticker to be ruined.

What Temperatures Can Vinyl Withstand?

Vinyl can withstand harsh weather conditions. It can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C to as high as 110°C. Don’t believe me? You only need to check with our supplier, such as Metamark’s spec sheet, to see it for yourself. So, it’s safe to say a vinyl sticker can withstand the elements of most weather conditions.

How Can Vinyl Be Used Outside?

You’re now full of knowledge when it comes to knowing what weather conditions vinyl can withstand. But what types of vinyl products are used outside? Vinyl can be used outside for shop graphics, vehicle sign writing, event installations and smaller custom stickers intended to be stuck outside. All designed to last for years to come. Contact us today and let us bring your ideas to life.

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