Vinyl stickers are built to last. However, the surface and location they’re stuck to can affect its lifespan. Some surfaces are more prone to damage than others. Phone stickers and laptop stickers are more vulnerable to everyday wear and tear. However, vehicles decals and FridgeWraps are less likely to wear and tear. Take a look below to find out exactly how long vinyl stickers last.

The lifespan of a sticker really depends on what type of vinyl you are using. The biggest impact is if you are using self-coloured or digitally printed vinyl. Self-coloured vinyl (simple colours) and specialty vinyls that come ready to apply tend to have a decent outdoor lifespan (5-7 years) depending on the manufacturer. These can withstand rain, sunshine and most things in between. High-performance polymeric vinyls tend to last longer outdoors than monomeric vinyls, but it’s always important to check this with the manufacturer.

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Digitally Printed Vinyl

Digitally printed vinyl is very different. Printed vinyl which will be applied outside should be laminated. When you laminate a sticker you’re adding an overlay of plastic: a durable layer of plastic to protect the vinyl. This will protect it from water, sun and oil. While it will probably last for a year outside without laminate, laminating it can increase its lifespan up to 7 years and makes sure that the inks do not fade in sunlight.

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Applying Vinyl To Different Objects

Objects like laptops and phones are subject to a lot of everyday wear and tear. A vinyl sticker will last longer on surfaces such as walls, windows, or your refrigerator because it is not being constantly rubbed against other surfaces. That said, vinyl stickers typically outlast the surfaces they are applied to when it comes to electronics!

How Long Does Vinyl Last?

Different types of vinyl can also affect the durability of the vinyl sticker. Monomeric calendered vinyl has a 1 year shelf life and external weathering life of 5 years. However polymeric calendered vinyl is much more durable. Polymeric calendered vinyl has a 2 year shelf life and can withstand external weathering for up to 7 years. As you can see, what vinyl you use can affect how long your vinyl sticker lasts.

Choosing A Vinyl Sticker

Hopefully, this blog has filled you with some confidence when it comes to the lifespan of a vinyl sticker. A long-lasting solution rather than a quick fix. If you’re not sure about whether a particular kind of vinyl is right for you, just contact us! We’ll be happy to explain the differences. Want some inspiration? Take a look at our large collection of vinyl stickers.

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