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3 Easy Bedroom Updates To Give Your Bedroom A Face Lift Using Vinyl


Your bedroom is the one room in your home which is personal to you. It’s your personal sanctuary from a hectic world. You can design your bedroom to suit your own individual style. Tastes and trends change. Keeping your bedroom interior up to date with your latest preferences and the hottest styles doesn’t have to […]

What Can And What Can’t Be Vinyl Wrapped?

Vinyl furniture sticker

Here at Vinyl Revolution, we pride ourselves on being able to vinyl wrap almost anything. Vinyl wrapping offers endless creative and branding opportunities. Some things simply can’t be vinyl wrapped though.What factors prevent us from being able to vinyl wrap something? Things such as the surface of the item, the complexity of its shape and […]

Vehicle Signs That Get Your Company Noticed On The Road

vinyl vehicle sign writing

Driving to and from work is an integral part of our everyday lives. We spend a huge amount of hours on the road each day. But could you turn this time spent on the road into a useful marketing tool? Just like you, there are also millions of people on the roads every day around […]

Choosing The Perfect Vinyl For Your Next DIY Project

Behind The Cracks: Tropical Beach At Dusk Wall Art

Everybody loves a good old DIY project. The satisfaction of bringing new life to an old item or creating something beautiful with unwanted ones. Choosing the right material for your project can be difficult. However, vinyl could be the answer for your next DIY project. Use a custom vinyl design to vinyl wrap and refurbish […]

How To Increase Brand Awareness

temple cycles custom stickers

A memorable brand is essential to differentiate yourself in today’s economy. It helps increase awareness of your company and its products. This helps your company establish and a create a long-term position in the marketplace. Increasing brand awareness is easier than you might think. There are several different marketing strategies related to vinyl that can […]

How Vinyl Can Protect Your Electronics

Vinyl colour examples

Everyone loves the look of a brand new electronic gadget in pristine condition. Unfortunately keeping it like that is easier said than done. It’s hard to protect your precious electronics. They are pretty easy to scratch! Vinyl can help. Wrapping your electronics in vinyl protects the devices and ensures they are kept in perfect condition. […]

Open Meditation Cupboard FridgeWrap

vinyl wrap fridge cupboard

Open Meditation run some great mindfulness workshops and weekend retreats in London. Their founder is an old friend from school so we jumped on the opportunity to custom vinyl wrap the fridge in their new East London studio. Having a large, open-plan space, they decided that they wanted to hide their fridge from their workshop participants. How […]

Smeg Mondrian FridgeWrap

smeg mondrian fridgewrap vinyl wrap fridge

Smeg UK just ran a school design competition and gave away a FAB28 to one lucky winner with the best design idea. Imagine our surprise when the design chosen was similar to our Mondrian FridgeWrap. Great minds think alike! We thought the Mondrian FridgeWrap looked good on a standard fridgefreezer. Wait until you see it […]

Tomato Ketchup Fridge Wrap

tomato ketchup fridge wrap

Tomato Ketchup Fridge Wrap We decided to get a little saucy and did a tomato ketchup fridge wrap. Now you can turn your refrigerator into a parody of your favourite condiment. How’s that for variety? We have lots of other wraps to choose from on our FridgeWraps page. If you want to stay up to […]

Tardis Fridge Wrap

tardis fridge wrap vinyl

Tardis Fridge Wrap Become the proud owner of a Tardis fridge. Why keep that boring old white refrigerator in your kitchen? Vinyl Revolution Incognito FridgeWraps now offer the chance to transform your refrigerator into Dr Who’s famous time-traveling Tardis. Contact us and order your custom Tardis fridge wrap today.