Everyone loves the look of a brand new electronic gadget in pristine condition. Unfortunately keeping it like that is easier said than done. It’s hard to protect your precious electronics. They are pretty easy to scratch! Vinyl can help. Wrapping your electronics in vinyl protects the devices and ensures they are kept in perfect condition. Vinyl wrapping and skins can also be used to hide existing scratches and add a new lease of life to your old electronic devices.

Vinyl FridgeWrap

The vinyl FridgeWrap is our flagship product. The vinyl FridgeWrap will transform your old boring fridge into something special. Be bold with the Mondrian Abstract Art FridgeWrap or add a touch of love to your kitchen with the Love Letter FridgeWrap © Marcos Chin. Vinyl wrapping your fridge is the perfect way of protecting your refrigerator. The vinyl wrap acts as a protective skin which protects every inch of your new fridge. Our custom FridgeWraps can cover up scratches and old peeling paintwork. Bring life back into the focal point of your kitchen and ensure your appliance is protected.

Custom vinyl fridgewrap

PS4 Wraps

After some time, your PlayStation console will start to look tired. Exposed to dust and scratches, your PS4 console will feel the effects. Trying to keep your console in immaculate condition is hard. A vinyl PS4 wrap could be the solution. The layer of vinyl protects the game console’s surface and prevents any further marks or scratches. Show off your PS4 to your friends and keep your console in good condition with the PS4 PlayStation 4 Colourful Vinyl Wrap Matte Orange.

Macbook Stickers

The smooth surface of your Macbook is prone to scratches. Trying to protect your new Macbook is a tricky job. Some people find Macbook cases too bulky. On the other hand, some people don’t want to leave their Macbook exposed to the elements. Macbook stickers are an easy way of simply protecting the surface of your MacBook. Apply the Banksy Giraffe Sitting On Bench Vinyl Sticker to cover up smaller scratches. Looking for something bigger? Protect your Macbook with a custom vinyl skin.

Vinyl Wrapping Electronics

Here at Vinyl Revolution, we will vinyl wrap anything. This includes vinyl wrapping a wide range of electronic devices. Contact us today and see if we could help you.

Vinyl Wrap Your Electronics Here

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