Your fridge is one of the most used parts of your home. Over time your fridge will start to look old and tired. Prone to scratches and knocks, your fridge could use a facelift. Vinyl wrapping your fridge is an easy way to completely change the look of your refrigerator. Protect your appliance and let it show off your personality. Transform your fridge from a simple appliance to the creative centerpiece of your kitchen. Be bold with Mondrian Abstract Art FridgeWrap or add some love in the air with the Love Letter FridgeWrap © Marcos Chin. There are plenty of ways to make Vinyl Revolution FridgeWraps work for your interior.

Designed by artists. Printed by pros. Precision-cut by machine.


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How do I fit my FridgeWrap?

Installing a FridgeWrap can seem intimidating. Don’t worry! There are some simple tips and tricks that will make the application much easier. While  That’s why we have designed some resources to help you out. Our FridgeWraps come with detailed illustration instructions and a video tutorial that walks you through each step.

Still don’t want to bother with applying all that vinyl? Want a professional finish that even wraps into the inside of your fridge door? Leave the stress behind and have your FridgeWrap fitted by our team of professional fitters. It’s guaranteed to have a stunning fit every time.



Colour FridgeWrap



Easy to apply

Made from premium vinyl with Metascape® air-release technology.

Install bubble-free.
Remove without residue.
Custom fridgewrap

Transform your appliance

Turn your boring appliance into a designer item.

Lightweight and durable.
Stunning satin finish.

Why should I wrap my fridge?

A FridgeWrap adds a layer of protection to your appliance whilst giving it a stylish new look. Choose a design to suit your space and one of a kind personality.

how fast does it ship?

Speed matters. Your FridgeWrap is dispatched within 2 business days of your order. Standard shipping transit times range from 2-10 days depending on the destination. Next-day shipping available.

How long does it last?

Quality matters. Vinyl Revolution FridgeWraps are made from durable, premium-quality vinyl built to withstand knocks and scratches. This vinyl will last and last. Make your refrigerator beautiful instantly and enjoy it for many more years to come.

Do you have custom FridgeWraps?

Vinyl Revolution FridgeWraps can be customised to suit your taste and personality. Colour match your FridgeWrap to suit the existing interior of your kitchen or cover your fridge in a favourite photo. Transform it into a British red telephone box.. The options are endless when it comes to wrapping your fridge. Remember you’re not just transforming your appliance, you’re giving your kitchen a new lease of life.

Want a custom design or some help fitting your FridgeWrap? Contact us today. We will bring your design to life!



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