We have a huge range of vinyl stickers and decals here at Vinyl Revolution. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to look! A good place to start is with our collection of best selling stickers below. Use the sliders to swipe through our selection. These are some of our most popular stickers and decals in our best selling categories. Don’t forget to check out our How To pages for detailed tutorials on fitting your stickers.

Best Selling Macbook Stickers

We sell more Macbook stickers and macbook decals than any other category in our shop. No wonder. We have over 450 stickers and decals to choose from. The majority of these stickers will fit your Macbook Pro, your new Macbook and even your Macbook Air. Just remember that all the Macbook stickers shown in the product photos are displayed on a 15-inch macbook Pro. Happy shopping Apple users!

Best Selling Wall Art

Check out our best selling vinyl wall art using the product slider above. Whether you want a vinyl wall decal in one of our eight beautiful matte finishes or a colourful vinyl wall sticker, this is the place to look. Looking for creative home decoration ideas or just want to spruce up that boring wall? Look no further. Our most popular wall art is now easily accessible in one place.

Best Selling DoorWraps & Stickers

Our vinyl DoorWraps are the perfect way to transform any door in your house. These large door stickers are designed to fit most doors. We make them a bit larger than standard doors so that they can be trimmed to a perfect fit. While they are best applied to a flat surface, you can also stick them to a panelled door if you work a little application magic. Our DoorWraps are large and can be more complicated to fit than smaller vinyl stickers so don’t forget to check out the How To section for detailed tutorial videos.

Best Selling FridgeWraps & Stickers


Colour FridgeWrap


FridgeWraps were our first stickers here at Vinyl Revolution. As some of our most unique vinyl products, we’re always excited to share our large fridge stickers. We coat each of these bad boys in a special protective laminate. It makes them very easy to clean and means your FridgeWrap will last for a long, long time. Kitchen’s are busy places. It’s good to know your fridge sticker will stand the test of time. The FridgeWraps above have not only stood the test of time but have also proven to be our most popular.

Best Selling Artist Stickers

We’re immensely proud of the artists we work with here at Vinyl Revolution. These are some of our best selling vinyl stickers and decals made in collaboration with artists from all over the world. Our goal has always been to create a platform to showcase new artists and provide them with a fair royalty split. Our artist stickers are a bit more expensive for two reasons. The first is so we can give more money to these hardworking artists. The second is because these are simply beautiful, one-of-a-kind stickers.