At Vinyl Revolution, we really are passionate about vinyl, so much so that we even named our business after it! Vinyl has some really unique qualities, which make it perfect for our many macbook stickers, wall art and wraps for fridges and doors. Here are some great reasons to choose vinyl for your design:

It’s Easy to Apply

Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface, including wood, plastic, glass and metal. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used to add flare to personal belongings, ranging from your laptop to your home! It’s also a great material for promotion, and can be easily applied to vehicles and products, as well as business premises.

Telephone Box FridgeWrap in Plymouth from Vinyl Revolution on Vimeo.

It’s Durable

Vinyl has a lot of advantages over traditional paper stickers, which easily crack and fade over time. We use only premium quality vinyl, so our products are incredibly long lasting. The vinyl we use is water, sun and oil-proof, as well as being scratch resistant, so colours stay strong, and it has a outdoor life expectancy of up to seven years! Trust us – comparing our vinyl stickers to paper stickers is like comparing your wifi to dial up. There’s just no contest!

It’s Affordable

Considering its long lifespan, vinyl is an incredibly affordable option. We keep our prices as low as possible in order to pass the savings directly onto you, without ever compromising on quality. Our Macbook Stickers start from as little as £3.20, while our fun FridgeWraps start from only £14.99.


It’s Easy to Customise

You’ll find hundreds of ready made designs in our online shop, but if you’re looking for something more personal, the sky really is the limit with vinyl! We offer a huge choice of colour and texture options, which you’ll find in our Vinyl Hub, and once you’re ready to discuss your ideas, just get in touch with us and we’ll work together to create the perfect design for you.fridgewraps vinyl revolution

It’s Easy to Remove

Change is a part of life, right? We know that tastes and fashions alter from time to time, and that’s why you’re not going to be stuck (no pun intended) with our stickers any longer than you want to be. Our products can be removed quickly, without causing damage to your surface. With vinyl, you’re always in control.

We hope that we’ve convinced you of the benefits of using this really versatile material. If you’d like to find out more about vinyl, please take a look at our frequently asked questions or drop us a line.

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