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How Do I Remove My Vinyl Wall Art?

Custom branded wall art

Vinyl wall art is a great non-permanent way to decorate your walls without spending a small fortune. You can find vinyl wall graphics on the walls of most homes, offices and schools. The ideal option to brand your office space and educate your school pupils in a fun but informative way. Wall art is easy […]

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Designing Custom Office Wall Graphics

Office wall decal

Designing the right office wall graphic to suit your office space is key to the success of your business. You don’t want your office wall graphic to overpower your office space. However, it needs to be visible when entering your office space. It’s important your office wall graphic reflects you as a business. Your office […]

How Your Office Space Can Motivate Employees

Office branding decal quote

Motivate your office employees using the power of your office space. Branding your office whilst injecting some colour onto the walls has a big impact. It gives a good first impression for new clients and inspires your staff. We have a few office branding ideas we think will help motivate your employees to achieve success. […]

Bring Nature Into Your Home Using Beautiful Wall Art

Wiggling Tree Wall Art

There are many different ways you can bring mother nature into your home. From houseplants and flowers to beautiful art inspired by nature. All are designed to give you the feeling of being outside while remaining within the comfort of your own home. Wall art is a great way of transforming your space and bringing […]

Great Wall Art For Sales Offices

Custom office wall art

Your office space is right at the heart of your company. It’s a true reflection of your business to potential clients coming in. Custom office wall art will revamp your office space whilst motivating your sales team and maintaining a professional business image. Find out how wall art could benefit you and how it could […]

Top 10 Vinyl Wall Art for Offices

custom wall art

Whether you work from home in a small office, or you’re part of a big team in a large office, adding a splash of colour and personality to your workspace will make your place of work a more productive, efficient place to be. From custom office branding to wall stickers, murals and graphics, you can […]

Choosing The Perfect Vinyl For Your Next DIY Project

Behind The Cracks: Tropical Beach At Dusk Wall Art

Everybody loves a good old DIY project. The satisfaction of bringing new life to an old item or creating something beautiful with unwanted ones. Choosing the right material for your project can be difficult. However, vinyl could be the answer for your next DIY project. Use a custom vinyl design to vinyl wrap and refurbish […]

The History Behind The Dream Catcher

Large vinyl decal

The dream catcher is a historic tradition of the Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher is meant to protect a sleeping individual from negative dreams but allow the positive dreams through. The dream catcher consists of a round hoop with a woven loose web of yarn. It’s decorated with beads and feathers which hang below […]

How To Increase Brand Awareness

temple cycles custom stickers

A memorable brand is essential to differentiate yourself in today’s economy. It helps increase awareness of your company and its products. This helps your company establish and a create a long-term position in the marketplace. Increasing brand awareness is easier than you might think. There are several different marketing strategies related to vinyl that can […]

Create The Perfect Nursery With Vinyl Wall Art


Before your bundle of joy arrives home for the first time, you want to make sure the baby’s nursery is ready. Complete with beautiful nursery decor and filled with nursery furniture which is safe for the little one. The perfect nursery will help you make the most of your special time with your baby. Vinyl […]