Get your free office branding quote today Designing the right office wall graphic to suit your office space is key to the success of your business. You don’t want your office wall graphic to overpower your office space. However, it needs to be visible when entering your office space. It’s important your office wall graphic reflects you as a business. Your office space says a lot about your company. Branding your office throughout with office wall graphics helps cement your professional image. You can motivate employees by cultivating a better work environment. Find out below our do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing your office wall graphics.

The best ways to design your perfect office wall graphic

Creating the perfect office wall graphic to suit your business can be tricky. There are several factors to consider when designing your perfect vinyl wall graphic. You should design your office wall graphics to reflect your type of business. For example, a graphic design company work with colours every day. Their custom office wall art should be bursting with bright and bold colours. Giving their office a colourful theme. A charity company could use custom wall art to showcase recent projects they’ve worked on.Your office wall graphics should display brand values and give your customers a positive message. Contact us today to design your perfect vinyl office wall decal.

Design elements to avoid when creating your custom office vinyl

You should always design office wall graphics which are clearly visible upon entering your office space. The first design element you should avoid is using colours which don’t stand out against the background colour of your wall. The vinyl wall graphics will become hard to see meaning you have less of a visual impact in your office. You should also consider the lighting in your office. Bad lighting could also affect the visual impact of your office vinyl.

Choose an office wall graphic to suit your office space

Every company has their own unique office space. Each office needs their own custom office branding solution. Different office wall graphics are better suited to the layout of the office and the type of business. Design your own motivational quote using custom vinyl wall lettering. Use a custom office wall sticker to display your company logo. Transform the feel in your office with large office wall wrap. Choose the right office wall graphic for your office and start seeing the benefits. Contact us today to design your custom office wall graphic. get your office graphics today

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