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How Do I Apply My Window Frosting?

Window frosting improves the privacy within your home and office as it helps protect your valuable items from prying eyes. Frosted window films help stop unwanted glares coming into your room. This is done without compromising the light coming into the room unlike blinds which would darken the room. Find out below how to install […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vinyl Stickers

Custom die cut macbook stickers

Vinyl stickers have several different features you might not know about. From being able to battle the harsh outside elements to being an effective marketing tool for your business. Vinyl stickers have a lot of hidden benefits for you to discover. Vinyl decals are very similar but also different to vinyl stickers in some important […]

What Can And What Can’t Be Vinyl Wrapped?

Vinyl furniture sticker

Here at Vinyl Revolution, we pride ourselves on being able to vinyl wrap almost anything. Vinyl wrapping offers endless creative and branding opportunities. Some things simply can’t be vinyl wrapped though.What factors prevent us from being able to vinyl wrap something? Things such as the surface of the item, the complexity of its shape and […]

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics Vs Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Custom full vinyl wrap

Getting your brand noticed in public is a crucial part of any business marketing strategy. Company vehicle branding is the best way to be seen while on the road for both small business and large corporations. Done correctly, it can be one of your company’s most effective marketing tools. Vehicle signwriting and van decals display […]

How Vinyl Can Liven Up Your Kitchen

custom vinyl colour match fridgewrap

Did you know, according to The Daily Mail, on average Britons will spend roughly 3 years of their life in the kitchen? For many, remodelling or redecorating their kitchen can be a troublesome and costly task, however, there are a number of small changes you can make that will breathe new life into your kitchen […]

The Uses of Different Types of Vinyl

oxford school vinyl wall wraps

Vinyl has unlimited creative potential. There’s a vinyl for every purpose and surface you can think of. Choosing the right type of vinyl is essential. It has to be durable and achieve the look you want. The type of vinyl you use depends on several different elements; 1) the surface it’s applied to; 2) the […]

How Long Do Vinyl Vehicle Graphics and Van Wraps Last?

Custom vehicle graphics

From vehicle graphics for a car to van wraps for your whole fleet, knowing how long your vehicle wrap is going to last is important. There are many different factors which can dictate the lifespan of your vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics. Weather conditions play a role but the type of vinyl you use is […]

Are Vinyl Stickers Better Than Paper Stickers?

Green vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers or paper stickers? A common debate when it comes to choosing what type of sticker to use. Is there a clear winner? Or is it really just down to preference? We compare our vinyl stickers against paper stickers. Read below as we look at both sides of the argument and we make our […]

Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

Close up rain image

Vinyl stickers are designed to be tough and durable in the battle against the elements. But does this include being waterproof? Sometimes you want a sticker to be outside. After all, that’s where it will be seen the most! In this case it’s important that your sticker is waterproof and protected from the elements. Read […]

How Long Do Vinyl Stickers Last?

Vinyl Macbook Sticker

Vinyl stickers are built to last. However, the surface and location they’re stuck to can affect its lifespan. Some surfaces are more prone to damage than others. Phone stickers and laptop stickers are more vulnerable to everyday wear and tear. However, vehicles decals and FridgeWraps are less likely to wear and tear. Take a look […]