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Getting your brand noticed in public is a crucial part of any business marketing strategy. Company vehicle branding is the best way to be seen while on the road for both small business and large corporations. Done correctly, it can be one of your company’s most effective marketing tools.

Vehicle signwriting and van decals display important business information which helps generate more leads while improving brand awareness. The big question is what type of vehicle sign is best to use? Vinyl vehicle graphics or a magnetic vehicle sign? Learn the pros and cons of both below and find out which option we think is most effective.

Vinyl vehicle signs

You drive your vehicle to work every day and will continue to do so for many years to come. So it’s important you choose a vehicle branding solution which is going to last. A vinyl vehicle sign is a very effective solution. You can get simple van decals with business information. You can get complex van wrapping with full branding or partial van wraps if you’re on a budget. You can go big with colourful van stickers of your company logo. The options are endless.

We use long lasting vinyl to achieve high quality vehicle signs guaranteed to transform the look of your vehicle. All of our printed vinyl vehicle signs are laminated to improve the lifespan of your vehicle graphics. No need to worry about your vehicle sign falling off over time or fading in the sunlight. Check out the pros and cons of vinyl vehicle signs below.

Pros of vinyl vehicle signs

  • Vehicle signs are a long lasting branding solution.
  • Vinyl vehicle signwriting is low maintenance once applied.
  • Vinyl van wraps and decals can be applied onto any section of the vehicle.
  • High impact visual designs are easy with vinyl signage.
  • Van branding can be removed and replaced easily.

Cons of vinyl vehicle signs

  • Vinyl vehicle signwriting cannot be reapplied once removed.
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Magnetic vinyl signs

Fitting a magnetic vinyl sign to your vehicle is seen as the less permanent option compared to applying a vinyl sign to your vehicle. It’s hard to achieve impressive looking designs compared to vinyl signs due to the sections of the vehicle you can apply it to. A magnetic sign allows you to remove your sign when you please, which means your vehicle doesn’t always have to be seen as a work vehicle. However, the ease of removing your magnetic sign can also be seen as the main downfall. See below as we list the pros and cons of magnetic signs.

Pros of magnetic signs

  • You can easily remove them from your vehicle.
  • Allows you to not always have a work vehicle as you can remove the sign when you’re not working.
  • Can be taken off and reapplied to a new vehicle.

Cons of magnetic signs

  • Can only be applied to a flat surface on the vehicle.
  • Can be stolen from your vehicle as they’re easily removed.
  • Need to clean the magnetic sign as water and dirt can get behind it over time.

Vinyl vehicle graphics are the clear winner

We have compared the main two different types of vehicle signs. We looked at the pros and cons of both. There is only one clear winner. Vinyl vehicle signs! When it comes to durability and design options, vinyl is the best choice for your vehicle branding. Our vinyl vehicle signs are long lasting and require no maintenance once applied. Magnetic signs just don’t compare to vinyl signs even if they can be easily removed. Want your own vinyl vehicle sign? Contact us today and start generating more inbound leads. Get inspired with our vehicle graphics portfolio below.

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