Full Vinyl Vehicle Wrap For Aerial Motion Pictures

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We love to work with innovative new companies, especially when they’re based right around the corner in Wallingford. Aerial Motion Pictures offer CAA approved training and commercial packages for learning to fly drones as well as renting out all kinds of camera equipment and flying expertise to those that want to get that perfect aerial shot. Now that would be a pretty fun day at the office! We don’t know too much about flying drones but we were certainly the right place to come when Aerial Motion Pictures needed to brand one of their vehicles.

Custom van wrap transformed the look of the Aerial Motion Picutures van

Aerial Motion Pictures is all about helping creatives and companies get a perfectly smooth, stunning aerial shot in any setting. Flight is a big part of what they do so they wanted their vehicle branding to showcase their drones in flight as well as effectively convey their business contact information.  We printed several panels showing the drones in flight in a colour that complemented the vehicle and resulted in a subtle yet stylish embossed effect. This vinyl wrap was then overlaid with cut-graphic white text displaying the key business information and logo. Using matte white cut-graphic text instead of just printing the logo and information onto the same vinyl wrap is what makes the text stand out so effectively in front of the print of the drones in action. Now there’s a vehicle that will be turning heads on the road.

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