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Window frosting improves the privacy within your home and office as it helps protect your valuable items from prying eyes. Frosted window films help stop unwanted glares coming into your room. This is done without compromising the light coming into the room unlike blinds which would darken the room. Find out below how to install the vinyl window frosting and what you can avoid during the application.

How to prep your window before applying window frost

Before you jump into the installation, it’s important your window has been prepped correctly. If you don’t prep the window you will increase the chances of your window frosting failing in the future.

When cleaning the window you want to remove all the surface dirt and grease from the glass. This is to help ensure the vinyl can adhere on the window without any issues. A dirty window and the vinyl won’t be able to achieve a long lasting bond on the glass. To clean the window you want to use an Isopropyl alcohol cleaner with a clean lint free cloth. The isopropyl alcohol cleaner will cut through the dirt with ease. A lint free cloth will ensure no lint contaminates the glass. You want to avoid using any cleaning products which will leave a layer of polish or wax on the glass.

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Installation of your frosted vinyl window film

There are two different methods for applying window film. The first method is a wet application using water and the second is a dry application. We recommend a wet application, as this allows you to reposition the film on the glass until it’s perfectly aligned on the window. This is something you’re unable to do when doing the dry method. The only tool you need for the installation is a squeegee which we add to custom window frost orders.

Step 1– Before you start, double check your window is completely clean and free of dirt!

Step 2– Mix some water with a tiny bit of washing up liquid into a spray bottle. Remove the backing paper from the frosted film and spray the entire back of the film with the soapy water. You also need to spray the window with the soapy water.

Step 3– Pick up the frosted film keeping it taught and apply it onto the glass. Let the vinyl film glide into position on the glass. Once applied onto the glass spray the window film with more soapy water.

Step 4– Use your squeegee to push out any bubbles and water sat underneath the vinyl to the edge of the glass.

Start from the top working down and go from left to right on the glass to push out all the water and air bubbles. The frosted film should now be in position without any bubbles.

Step 5– Wipe down the window frosting with a dry cloth to remove any excess water left on the glass.

Pick window frosting to accommodate your needs

Applying frost to your windows can add privacy into your office meeting room and freshen up your shop windows without compromising the natural light. Contact us today to get started and creative on your windows.

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