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Here at Vinyl Revolution, we pride ourselves on being able to vinyl wrap almost anything. Vinyl wrapping offers endless creative and branding opportunities. Some things simply can’t be vinyl wrapped though.What factors prevent us from being able to vinyl wrap something? Things such as the surface of the item, the complexity of its shape and what the intended use of the item is. Read on to find out what type of thing can be vinyl wrapped and what types of objects make vinyl wrapping difficult.

Things you can’t vinyl wrap

Vinyl wrapping is the perfect way to brand most objects, vans or appliances. Unfortunately, not everything can be wrapped in vinyl. Three important things to keep in mind to understand if something can be vinyl wrapped are:

1. Rough or rusted surfaces

The material of the surface affects the adhesive on vinyl. It’s important to check if your material is suitable for a vinyl wrap. The vinyl we use for our custom vinyl wraps needs to be able to adhere to the object to achieve a great looking and long lasting vinyl wrap. A rusting vehicle is an item we can’t vinyl wrap as the vinyl can’t stick to the rusted surface. You can’t apply a vinyl wrap to a wooden item like a table or chest of drawers with rough and untreated wood as the vinyl wrap simply won’t stay stuck down.

2. Complex shapes or extreme contours

Vinyl can fail on complex shapes or extremely curved surfaces. Cast vinyl works better in these situations but also has its limits. Vinyl is applied in sheets and there is only so much distortion that can happen before the adhesive fails. Things like spheres or very curved shapes are impossible. Softer contours like Smeg fridges are problematic but can be vinyl wrapped with the right materials. Keyboards are too complex to wrap well in vinyl. Bicycle frames are possible but also very complex in terms of shape. In these situations it’s often better to apply paint. In most other situations, vinyl wrapping your object is the way to go.

3. Extreme changes in temperature

Extreme changes in temperature can cause the adhesive to fail and vinyl to crack. Vinyl is very durable and can withstand temperatures from – 70 degrees celsius to over 150 degrees celsius. Different vinyls behave differently in different temperature ranges. In most cases this is more than enough. In some extreme cases such as industrial environments this is not enough. Vinyl wrapping machinery in a factory that is exposed to extreme temperatures is not recommended. Hot or cold. Extreme temperature can make a vinyl wrap peel back or crack.

Things you can wrap in vinyl

Nearly everything! Our motto is, if you can name it, we’ll vinyl wrap it. A cheaper and less permanent option than paint, a vinyl wrap is a great option for changing the look of your item. If your item has a smooth surface there is a very good chance we can fit a vinyl wrap to it. We can produce various custom vinyl wraps which include custom table wraps, vinyl vehicle wraps, guitar wraps, laptop skins, custom DoorWraps and custom FridgeWraps. We have a wide range of vinyl wraps in our online store which include Xbox One S wraps, PS4 Slim skins, cornhole covers, DoorWraps and FridgeWraps. Want your own custom vinyl wrap? Get in touch with us today to transform your item.

Create your own custom vinyl wrap

You now know the items you can’t wrap plus the items we most commonly wrap. Do you own an item you would like to wrap in vinyl? Whether you want to give your item a brand new look or add some extra protection, a custom vinyl wrap can help. A vinyl wrap will keep your item in pristine condition underneath and can be easily removed when the time comes for a new one. Design a distinctive branded vinyl wrap for your vehicle, appliance or fridge to improve brand awareness. Contact us today to get your own custom vinyl wrap.

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