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Vinyl wall art is a great non-permanent way to decorate your walls without spending a small fortune. You can find vinyl wall graphics on the walls of most homes, offices and schools. The ideal option to brand your office space and educate your school pupils in a fun but informative way.

Wall art is easy to install but how hard is it to remove? The difficulty of removing vinyl wall graphics depends on two main factors. The wall type the graphics are applied to and how long the vinyl has been applied. Find out below the best method for removing vinyl wall art and how to avoid leaving any marks behind on the wall.

Removing your vinyl wall art 

The main aim when removing wall art is to keep the paint underneath intact. You want to ensure the wall surface is left in the same condition it was in before applying the vinyl wall art. The longer the vinyl wall art has been on the wall the harder it will be to remove without pulling off the paint. Our vinyl is designed to be removed without the paint but it depends on the condition of the wall. 

  1. You want to start the removal process by carefully lifting up one of the edges of the wall sticker to see how well stuck down the sticker is. In most cases, you should be able to peel the sticker straight off from one of the corners without any issues. You want to pull the sticker downwards and towards you. But, sometimes lifting up the corner may not work and will need a little more work to remove. 
  2. If the sticker remains firmly stuck down you want to then apply some warm heat onto the vinyl sticker on the edges. Applying heat to the sticker for a few seconds at a time will loosen the glue to make it much easier to remove. Use a heat gun or hair dryer for a few seconds at a time to help ease the removal. 
  3. Our wall stickers should only ever leave minimal residue behind when removed. But on rare occasion’s residue can remain on the wall once the sticker has been removed. This residue can be easily wiped away using a damp cloth or using an alcohol based cleaner. For any stubborn residue use warm soapy water and a scrubber to gently remove the residue.

Choose your next vinyl wall art 

Now your old vinyl wall art has been successfully removed, it’s time to start thinking about the new vinyl graphic that’s going to sit pretty in its place. This could be a new large logo for your office wall or a new set of animal themed wall decals decorate your kid’s bedroom. Got an idea you’d like to bring to life on your walls? Get in touch with us today to create your own unique vinyl wall art.

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