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Whether you work from home in a small office, or you’re part of a big team in a large office, adding a splash of colour and personality to your workspace will make your place of work a more productive, efficient place to be. From custom office branding to wall stickers, murals and graphics, you can make your workspace look professional and add a little bit of life into it. We’ve scoured the Internet to find our favourite custom office wall art and door signs. Here are the top 10!

This bespoke office wall art decal

Quotes are perfect for getting your colleagues to feel inspired and ready for the day ahead. We love this custom wall quote, as it reminds us that, ‘the best-laid plans of mice and men often of go awry’ (Robert Burns). As long as you have the end goal in mind, that’s all that matters, and don’t be surprised if something goes askew along the way! Find out more about custom wall stickers here.

This custom office wall art

If you’re looking for sophisticated office wall art that will echo your business’s philosophy and inspire your employees, then check out this custom wall art, made for The Cocktail Service. They wanted vinyl stickers for their office that would showcase their motto and add a touch of personality to the blank walls in their workplace. The cocktail shakers, martini glasses and elegant lettering completely transforms the way their office looks, and we can feel the creativity (and gin) flowing through us!

office branding vinyl graphics oxford

This awesome office wall design

Technology has seeped its way into our everyday lives, and is now in the forefront of everyone’s business. Computers, phones and tablets offer a level of communication and connectivity that we couldn’t even dream to be possible, and we love this unique office wall design. We think something like this would be perfect for a digital marketing or social media agency! Find out more about wall art here.

These office window stickers

If you work in a big workspace with multiple meeting rooms and offices, then you’ll want to make sure your clients and employees are getting their privacy. We love this office window art – it is clean, fresh and doesn’t stop light from entering the room, all whilst maintaining privacy for those using the rooms. Find out more about vinyl window stickers here.

This custom office branding decal

Custom office wall decals are a perfect way to get your company’s branding across, and this is exactly what we did for a global company offering an analytics tool for human-created data, DataSift. They wanted some playful office branding that would portray the fun and intelligent nature of the company, all whilst adding some life into their office space and implementing branding throughout. We love this design as it shows the complex process behind their tool, but adds a human element. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes data driven technology, but DataSift managed to inject some humour, making it feel more human!

These influential office DoorWraps

Vinyl decal has the potential to completely revolutionise any workspace, and this certainly was the case for elderly care company, Elder. These high quality office DoorWraps of 21st Century activist Nelson Mandela and the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale are enough to inspire every employee to give 110%. What we like about this is that Florence is an inspiring figure for anyone working in the medical industry, making this a truly personal touch for care company, Elder. Check it out here.

This awesome office wall mural

Innovation strategy and anthropological research company Human Innovation injected some inspiration into their office with this incredible office wall mural. We worked with them and added vinyl wall decals throughout their office, promoting their brand and adding a flair of personality and colour into each room. We also provided branded metallic DoorWraps and sleek, elegant wall quotes to motivate their colleagues. No one wants to work in a bare office!

This eerily realistic office wall design

This awesome custom office wall design made us question whether there were thousands of cables and wires bursting through the company’s office wall, and we love it! This graphic is clean, clear and creative.

This creative office wall decal

Sometimes less is more, and that really is the case with this creative office wall decal. The placement of these vinyl stickers makes us weep with joy, as they don’t interfere with the projector, and that’s something we can get on board with. The ribbon of blue gives the room a bit of life and movement, which is exactly what you need if you and your colleagues are stuck in a meeting all afternoon!

These awesome office door signs

Creative PR agency Zero Degrees West wanted something a little different when it came to their office getting rebranded, and we love the end result. The office wall murals are bright, and really pop between the office door wraps that double as door signs, pointing to their editing suites. The crisp lettering looks great against the bold yellow lettering – we’ve got some strong office envy going on here!

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