Custom Office Wall Art For Datasift

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Office branding transforms a plain space into a statement about your company and philosophy. The creative possibilities are endless when you’re working with the right people to do the job. DataSift are a global company offering powerful analytics tools for human-created data. We can’t pretend we fully understand the complexities of their technologies but we sure can help when it comes to branding their Reading office.

Vibrant wall art for DataSift’s Reading office

DataSift wanted some playful office branding that showcased the nature of their company and brightened up their meeting rooms in line with their brand identity. Their designers sent over a set of graphic elements that were then laid out in different ways for each of the rooms they were looking to brand. We printed the graphics onto digital vinyl and used our plotters to turn them all into cut graphics. This combination of print-and-cut enabled us to get a more complex design while perfectly matching their brand guidelines and retaining the aesthetics of wall art decals. These were supplemented with smaller sets of decals for their coffee station and a few standalone robot wall art pieces. The result. A transformation of a simple wall into a bright and colourful statement about who DataSift are as a company. We’re not human data scientists but we definitely know how to work with companies to get what they want out of an office branding service.

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