Office branding For London Care Company Elder

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Elder is a London-based company who specialise in offering professional care services throughout the UK. Elder pride themselves on being one of best carer companies in the country. One way of reflecting this is a professionally branded office. First impressions are very important. Before you have the chance to make a personal impression, your office already makes the first impression on potential clients.

Custom DoorWraps gave the Elder office an interesting talking point

Elder approached us in need of an office branding solution for their London office. Elder required a selection of vinyl branding elements to be installed in their office. This included custom vinyl wall art and custom vinyl doorwraps. We installed a large piece of custom vinyl wall art with Elder’s company logo. The vinyl wall art was positioned centrally in the office to create a feature wall. We also installed a set of custom office vinyl doorwraps, which included some very famous people. One of the most influential people of the 21st century Nelson Mandela. If anybody is going to inspire your employees to greatness it’s Mandela. Florence Nightingale, the woman who founded modern nursing, was also included. She was a perfect choice for Elder since they are a nursing company. An influential figure who may have inspired Elders employees to become nurses.

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