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Pinstone communications is a leading agricultural PR and marketing-communications consultancy based in Leominster. They work specifically with agri-businesses. Pinstone wanted to improve the experience of new clients coming into their office. Before coming to us, their office walls were bare and lacking some colour and inspiration.Branding their office helped rejuvenate their space, established their brand philosophy and brought a breath of fresh air to the offices.

Large custom wall wrap transformed the look of their office

Pinstone’s office space consisted of several glass meeting rooms which lacked privacy for the occupants during meetings. To solve this, we installed vinyl glass frosting to the meeting room windows.This subtle tinting created privacy in the meeting rooms while still keeping the space light and spacious feeling The glass frosting includes messages to inspire their staff and visually impress new clients. A plain white wall isn’t going to inspire your team. Pinstone knew this. That’s why we also installed a large custom wall cover to add a focal point in their office whilst inspiring their team.

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Branding your office is not just about promoting a professional image to your clients. Well branded offices can inspire staff, motivate productivity and improve how people feel in a space. There is also the obvious added bonus that it makes a great first impression when clients or partners visit your office. Office branding elements such as office wall stickers, office window graphics and office wall wraps will revamp your office in no time. Contact us today to brand your office space.

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