Office Window Graphics For Smeg Head Office UK

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We’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with stylish refrigerator and appliance manufacturer Smeg over the last few years. We’ve vinyl wrapped a lot of their fridges but this time around Smeg wanted some help with their office branding for the head UK office. This gave us the opportunity to do something a little different. Smeg were looking for a simple way to signpost the rooms around their office courtyard and provide some privacy inside each of the rooms.

Window frosting to improve privacy in the office

The first thing Smeg needed was an outdoor site board. Not surprising since people need to know where the office is! We created a custom vinyl decal in a matte black finish and then wrapped over the existing site board. Now everyone knows where the Smeg office can be found. The bigger part of the project was covering a large set of glass doors in the central courtyard. We used frosted vinyl to create privacy behind the glass doors while still letting lots of light in. The frosted vinyl also helped to keep a bright and clean feel to the main space. The titles of each room were cut into each section of frosted vinyl before application. Once applied, the frosted vinyl covering achieved the multiple aims of branding the space, creating privacy, and signposting each of the rooms to visitors.

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