First impressions matter. Branding your office is one of the most important steps in building a brand identity. Office branding provides a professional working environment for your employees and shows your clients you mean business. We offer a complete range of office branding services and professional installation throughout the UK to help your business thrive.

Our office branding solutions include office window stickers, partition frosting, office wall stickers, company logo stickers, full wall wraps, door branding and lots more. If you can look at it, we can help you brand it.

Yes we can put your company logo on your walls or windows. This is the easiest and most effective way to brand your office. It instantly create a professional working environment and achieves long lasting branding.


Describe what you want in detail and provide artwork if possible.

Our office branding solutions include office window stickers, partition frosting, office wall stickers, company logo stickers, full wall wraps, door branding and lots more. Describe what type of office branding you want in detail so we can give you an accurate quote right away. Take pictures of the spaces and rooms you want branded and attach them for reference.

Provide measurements for each branding element in centimeters (cm).

Wrong measurements are the most common mistake we come across. To get perfect results first time around, carefully measure the spaces where you need branding. The more measurements the better.

If measuring for simple wall art logos, measure the full size of the wall and the size of the space you want covered. This helps us give you an accurate mock-up of what the branding will look like. For full wall wraps, carefully measure the dimensions of your wall excluding the skirting board at the bottom. This ensures your office wall branding covers your entire wall perfectly.

Send us your postcode to get a quote including professional installation.

Office branding should look professional. We always recommend getting your office branding fitted by our team of professional vinyl fitters. This is especially true for larger office branding projects. On a tight budget or feel confident fitting some simple wall art yourself? Watch our detailed tutorial videos on our How To page.


Describe what you want in detail. Attach high-resolution artwork or reference images if possible.

The creative possibilities of vinyl are endless. There’s no limit to what we can print on or cut into vinyl. Custom sizes of stock designs from our shop, simple colours, complex custom artwork or even photographs. Describe exactly what you want in detail and always attach the highest resolution artwork (or vector) that you have available. This helps you get a quick and accurate quote.

Don’t have artwork? No problem. Our designers can make it for you as long as you describe what you want in detail.

Send vector artwork if you have it.

Your artwork must be in vector format for custom vinyl decals or lettering. If you don’t have a vector file, we can help you make one. You will need to send the highest possible resolution image file you have for this to work well.

Attach the highest resolution file you have.

Large custom wraps and vinyl stickers require high resolution images if you don’t have vector artwork. Make sure to send the highest resolution file you have available to you. This ensures you get the highest quality result possible.

A good rule of thumb is this. Want something 10 cm x 10 cm or larger? Your file should be at least 1 MB large. If not, it is probably very low resolution and will not print well.

Follow these technical specifications to get the best results.

Vector files (ai/svg/eps) in CMYK colour format are the best files to send. CMYK format ensures you get perfect colour matching between your custom print and the artwork in your document. Vector files mean we can scale your artwork to any size without losing any quality.

Make your file to scale when possible and set the document units to millimeters. All cut paths for die-cut stickers should be saved in a separate layer titled ‘CutContour’ and set to 1 pt stroke with a spot colour of bright magenta.


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We win Feefo’s Gold Trusted Service Award every year. People love working with us because we care. Our winning formula is simple. You get personal service, fast lead times and quality products every time.



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Office branding from start to finish.

Office branding is a critical part of creating a productive and innovative working environment. It conveys professionalism to visiting clients and inspires employees to work in line with the company’s philosophy. Our office branding services cover any and all aspects of office branding. Initial on-site consultations, design, graphics production and professional fitting. Contact us to get a free quote for one or all of these services.

Vinyl materials for any office branding.

Companies and offices come in all shapes, styles and sizes. We a huge range of vinyl materials to match the diversity of brands out there. Every element of your office branding plays a part in your clients’ or employees’ perception of your business. Right down to the materials they are made from. We have chrome vinyls, frosted effect, wood textures, matte colours, gloss finishes and more.

Fast lead times and great service.

Our office branding service is designed to take the pain out of office graphics so you can focus on your business. We’ll work closely with your team to design, product and fit vinyl graphics that suit your business and style.

Professional installation services.

Complete office branding solutions require professional installation to ensure accurate application and long-lasting graphics. Our experienced vinyl fitting team will travel to your office and fit your graphics at your convenience to minimise the impact on your workplace.


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