Custom Office Wall Decals For Regular Cleaning

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Regular Cleaning have made a name for themselves over the last 45 years as a reliable provider of all kinds of cleaning services to London’s businesses. They were looking for a simple, cost-effective solution to brand their offices that added a professional touch. We helped Regular Cleaning brand their vehicles in the past. When they were looking for an office branding solution they just called us and we walked them through their options.

How did we help brand Regular Cleaning’s London office?

Office branding doesn’t have to complicated or break the bank. Often it’s the simplest solutions that look the most professional. Regular Cleaning wanted their logo in a few different places around the office so we produced and fitted several wall art decals. We complemented their logo colour with a wall stripe of self-coloured vinyl that ran the full length of their main floor. Our personal favourite, the simple elegance of the off-set logo set in the corner of their primary meeting room. All it took to transform the look and feel of their offices was a call to Vinyl Revolution and a talk with our team.

Want to brand your own offices?

Looking to get some office branding of your own? You’re in good hands here. Have a look at our office branding services. We service a large area around Oxfordshire, Greater London, and beyond. Our team works closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. We offer free quotes and consultations so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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