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Artist Collaboration with Kitty Foster

kitty foster vinyl stickers

Kitty Foster We’re proud to announce that we recently partnered with a tattoo artist from Oxford in the United Kingdom called Kitty Foster. There’s nothing we love more than original designs at Vinyl Revolution and Kitty Foster has plenty of good ones! We collaborated on a line of unique vinyl macbook stickers and wall art you can […]

The Benefits of Decorating with Wall Stickers

new york wall art

Covering up blank wall spaces can be a tiresome task that’s not only time consuming but also expensive. With a roll of wallpaper costing anything between £15-£20 before the materials you need to apply it, you have to question if it’s worth it. If you don’t really fancy the stress and expense of decorating with […]

Create Your Own Vinyl Stickers for the Perfect Christmas Gift

Custom FridgeWrap

Yep – it’s that time of year again, and with it comes a fresh set of challenges on how to find the perfect gift. At Vinyl Revolution we think that creativity is key when it comes to choosing presents, and that’s why we offer a unique customisation service, so you can create your own truly […]

Custom Sticker Branding for NorthPull Winch Company

custom vinyl graphics winch branding

We got yet another chance to work with an old friend recently when we collaborated with NorthPull Winch Company based in Michigan, USA. Kyle Lalone over at NorthPull has designed versatile and reliable winches for a few years now. Like so many innovators, Kyle has continuously improved his design by toiling away in his garage, […]

Why We Love Vinyl

decals wall art vinyl revolution

At Vinyl Revolution, we really are passionate about vinyl, so much so that we even named our business after it! Vinyl has some really unique qualities, which make it perfect for our many macbook stickers, wall art and wraps for fridges and doors. Here are some great reasons to choose vinyl for your design: It’s […]

Open Meditation Cupboard FridgeWrap

vinyl wrap fridge cupboard

Open Meditation run some great mindfulness workshops and weekend retreats in London. Their founder is an old friend from school so we jumped on the opportunity to custom vinyl wrap the fridge in their new East London studio. Having a large, open-plan space, they decided that they wanted to hide their fridge from their workshop participants. How […]

Joe Perks – Bar And Restaurant Branding

vinyl graphics bar branding joe perks oxford
[rev_slider joeperks] There’s a whole bunch of things to think about when you launch a new brand and bar. Getting your bar and restaurant branding right is key. You put a lot of thought into it. You shouldn’t have to put a lot of thought into getting the production and fitting of your bar and […]

Our Top 10 Macbook Stickers… As Chosen By You!

pink floyd prism macbook sticker

There’s no better way to personalise your Macbook than with one of our brilliantly eye-catching and high quality vinyl macbook stickers. But with more than 200 Macbook stickers to choose from, the hardest decision can be which one to pick! If you’re struggling to find the right motif for you, or the perfect gift, take […]

Smeg Mondrian FridgeWrap

smeg mondrian fridgewrap vinyl wrap fridge

Smeg UK just ran a school design competition and gave away a FAB28 to one lucky winner with the best design idea. Imagine our surprise when the design chosen was similar to our Mondrian FridgeWrap. Great minds think alike! We thought the Mondrian FridgeWrap looked good on a standard fridgefreezer. Wait until you see it […]