Custom Petrol Pump FridgeWrap

transform your fridge with a custom fridgewrap

There’s nothing more important for any culinary enthusiast then their refrigerator. It’s the lifeblood of the kitchen. It’s also usually the most boring surface in your home. A plain white or stainless steel finish. That’s no way to stand out! So it’s only natural that Jo-Anne, a Hotel Reservations Manager from Norwich, decided to custom vinyl wrap her fridge in preparation for her appearance on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me. Jo-Anne knew she wanted a petrol pump-style fridge but she wasn’t sure how to turn that idea into a reality. We made sure she got exactly what she was looking for in time for her big dinner. The Come Dine With Me episode aired on 19th January (episode 86 of series 31). Jo-Anne went for a ‘glamorous gourmet’ theme, and although she didn’t have the winning menu, (coming a close second to Business Advisor, Richard), she certainly impressed with her unique fridge!

Custom FridgeWrap to create a special bespoke fridge

We spent a while discussing the idea with Jo-Anne, sending her different designs for her custom petrol pump fridge, until we had something she loved. A vintage style petrol pump design that incorporated her and her husband’s year of birth. To make this particular design have the highest impact, we used a combination of cut vinyl graphics and digital print vinyl. The result was a stylish custom FridgeWrap that fit their room’s vintage motoring theme perfectly!

Want to vinyl wrap your own fridge with one of our custom FridgeWraps?

If you are looking to vinyl wrap your own fridge then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you want us to make a custom design for you and fit it professionally or whether you want to fit it yourself. There’s plenty of options!

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