Appliance Branding For NorthPull Winch Company

Use custom stickers to brand your appliance

We got yet another chance to work with an old friend recently when we collaborated with NorthPull Winch Company based in Michigan, USA. Kyle Lalone over at NorthPull has designed versatile and reliable winches for a few years now. Like so many innovators, Kyle has continuously improved his design by toiling away in his garage, beer and wrench in hand. His winches are just starting to make waves in the extreme sports scene and he was looking to add that professional touch by branding his winches with premium vinyl stickers that could withstand the harsh conditions his winch users subject their gear to. As someone who loves wakeskating and vinyl graphics, getting involved in branding his winches was a no brainer.

How did we help NorthPull’s branding with our custom vinyl graphics?

We created several vinyl stickers in collaboration with Kyle to fit on different parts of his increasingly well-known winches. From simple branding for the engine and torque converter to more elaborate and customisable designs for the splash guard that is fitted over the spool. Our high performance vinyl coated in a scratch-resistant, weather-proof laminate was the perfect fit for NorthPull’s winches. Why? Because it protected all of the branding from rain, shine, and the inevitable splashing and beating that comes hand in hand with winch sports. The best part? NorthPull build their winches to order so we send him exactly what he needs when he needs it. No more. No less. That means NorthPull can keep making beautiful, branded winches without any risk.

Want to brand your own products with high quality vinyl stickers?

If you are looking for high quality custom vinyl stickers for your own products or branding then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We take on all projects big and small and there’s nothing we like more than to work with other small businesses. No matter where you are!

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