Wagamama is a popular restaurant chain serving Asian food throughout the UK. They recently renovated their Oxford restaurant. To celebrate the new opening, they wanted to run a special competition. If customers could crack an impossible mathematical code they would receive six months of free food in the restaurant. Wagamama knew branding the outside of their restaurant promoting the new competition would increase foot traffic into their restaurant and help boost the success of the competition.

How did we help Wagamama promote their competition?

Located in the heart of the Oxford city centre, Wagamama constantly have people passing by their restaurant. Their promotional vinyl window graphics needed to take advantage of this and grab the attention of people as they passed. A set of custom mathematical equation window decals did just that. They created a unique branded look for the outside of their restaurant guaranteed to spark some interest from the public. To continue the promotion inside we installed custom vinyl decals on mirrors to give the restaurant a temporary mathematical theme.

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