Custom FridgeWraps For Smeg Competition

mondrian fridgewrap vinyl wrap fridge

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Vinyl graphics services for events and installations are one of our favourite ways to collaborate with other businesses. It gives us the opportunity to do unique work and support clients with customised vinyl graphics that their customers love.

Smeg UK decided to run a school design competition to give away a FAB28 to one lucky winner with the best design idea. After running the competition for several weeks, they narrowed it down to the top three. Imagine our surprise when the winning design chosen was similar to our Mondrian FridgeWrap. Great minds think alike! We really like the other two designs as well, which you can see mounted onto foamex board here:

smeg mondrian fridgewrap competition vinyl graphics

We thought the Mondrian FridgeWrap looked good on a standard fridgefreezer. It looks amazing on a Smeg! This FAB28 refrigerator looks stunning in it’s new vinyl refrigerator wrap. Now that is definitely technology with style!

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