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When it comes to vodka, few companies have managed to create as unique a taste as bison grass vodka distiller Żubrówka. The subtle combination of woodruff, vanilla, coconut and almond notes in the herb-flavored rye vodka is something that needs to be tasted to believed. As fans of the bold bison grass taste, we were excited at the opportunity to help Żubrówka launch their new marketing campaign.

A set of branded FridgeWraps to boost the Żubrówka marketing  campaign

 wanted a set of fridges to match their new branding for promotional events and installations. They decided to use Smeg‘s famous 50’s style refrigerators for their promotional campaigns and wanted to mirror the branding on the Żubrówka bottle. We used our wide format printers to print this jungle-like design onto laminated cast vinyl. Cast vinyl was used because of the Smeg refrigerator’s curved surface, which demands a vinyl that can conform to curves without creasing and tearing. We’ve vinyl wrapped a lot of fridges and experience helps when it comes to doing things right. Combining the versatility of cast vinyl with the durability of laminate enabled us to create stunning fridge wraps for these refrigerators that would stand the test of time. Once the fridge wraps were prepared, we travelled down to the Smeg warehouse. Our team of fitters transformed a plain white surface into a Żubrówka bottle in no time. Now these fridges are zipping their way across the ocean for some high profile events.

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