Custom Macbook Decals For SIGMA

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British drum and bass duo SIGMA reached the top of the UK Singles Chart for the first time in April 2014 with their single “Nobody to Love”. Since then they’ve been busy making more chart-topping hits, touring the world and lighting up the dance floor. SIGMA’s tour manager got in touch to find out if we could help brand their Macbooks. SIGMA are doing some seriously heavyweight back-to-back tours around the world so it makes sense they’d want to represent the band on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans.

Custom Macbook decals to brand SIGMA

We designed simple, effective custom macbook decals for SIGMA by putting their band name inside concentric circles cut out of matte black vinyl. The simplicity of the design means that SIGMA is clearly visible on the Macbooks, even by the most enthusiast dancing fans, and also means the decal itself is easy to apply. All photos shown here are from Future Music Festival 2015 in Australia and were provided by SIGMA with special thanks to photographer Nathan Bonnici.

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