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Little Street is a unique learning play center for kids. Every child loves to explore their imagination and what better way to do it than in a miniature town. There are various rooms scaled down to the perfect size for kids. These include a miniature supermarket to grab their groceries, stop off for a quick drink in Chicco’s cafe and you could even end up in the local jail.  All the rooms are fitted with fun props and wall art to enhance the educational experience of the child.

Custom wall art created a theme throughout the play centre

Little Street came to us looking for a complete set of vinyl graphics. These included vinyl wall art, glass manifestations and vinyl wrapping. Each room needed its own theme to fit the educational goal. This is where Vinyl Revolution stepped in. Vinyl wall art was used throughout the play center to display the room names and the elements within the room. One of the rooms was a replica of a police station so we included vinyl wall art on the wall displaying the police line up and a police badge. We vinyl wrapped furniture and did full vinyl wraps on a set of tables too. The table legs were wrapped with chrome vinyl and a bright red checkered top. These vinyl wraps and wall art stickers allowed Little Street to transform their space into a playful learning center for kids.

Need Vinyl Graphics Of Your Own?

Are you in search for your own custom vinyl graphics or vinyl wraps just like Little Street? We can help. Whether you’re looking for a complete custom wall art installation or just in need of a few custom stickers. Vinyl Revolution is here to help. There is no job too big and no job too small for us. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your vinyl wall art needs.

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