Let me start off by saying that you may be reading this thinking, “of course I thought of that!” In which case, bare with me, you may be inspired to get even more creative with your home. These are spaces that may not typically be your first thought to put a sticker or decal, but definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Check out these simple places that make for great opportunities.


A lot of decoration seems to go into these relatively small spaces. Decorating a bathroom (especially a guest bathroom) is sometimes first on the list for many home owners. I personally have had my fair share of tiny bathrooms, which left me with almost no opportunities for jazzing up the room. If this sounds familiar, you have options! With a wide variety of sizes, you can fit stickers anywhere you want with no limitations.

banksy vinyl decals


That’s right, Vinyl Revolution decals can be taken to the streets. Cars, mopeds, and almost anything on wheels. What makes these stand out above the competition is their durability, so don’t be afraid to use them on whatever you ride.

Mirrors & Windows

Okay so maybe this is a little more predictable, but let me tell you, it can make a difference. Try using a sticker as an accent on any window in your home. You can even get creative with the mirrors in your room, bathroom, or living room. Don’t forget, these are easily removed so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Decal, panda, sticker
Panda decal for Macbook or laptop


I say kitchen’s because a lot of the time, kitchens aren’t the easiest room to decorate. There’s not usually a lot of options when sprucing up a kitchen, especially if you’re not given any open drywall. Many of my past homes had the most dreadful, boring kitchens you could imagine. And unfortunately I didn’t think outside the box with my designing options. Using some decals here and there is an effortless way to brighten up any dull area. If you really want to go wild, grab yourself a FridgeWrap and transform that boring fridge!

Elegant Floral Circular Chalkboard


Ever had an outdoor patio that needed some extra attention? That may be a challenge considering that most traditional decor isn’t weather proof. But don’t worry! Stickers will last a while in the sun, rain, and wind. Elevate your outdoor living area by adding vinyl decals on any of your outdoor arrangements.

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