Kids love to play in their bedroom for hours at a time. Having lots of fun as they get lost in their imagination. A kid’s bedroom should be fun, colourful and full of things which can help them learn and grow. It’s their little special place and we have picked out three ways which can help add some character to your kid’s bedroom. There are plenty of do’s and dont’s when it comes to designing a kids bedroom. After all, this space will influence your child’s development so it’s important to get it right.

Growth Chart

When I was young, there was nothing more exciting than seeing how much I had grown every month. The fact that I was actually getting taller was amazing to me. Children grow up fast. It’s one of the few certainties of childhood. The Child’s Comical Tree Growth Chart is a great way to keep track of how much taller they are getting. It also allows you to look back at the chart and see how much they’ve changed over time. This is fun for parents and children alike.



Chalk Board Sticker

Kids love to express themselves and be creative. One problem with that is they might be a bit too creative and draw all over your lovely white walls. Kids need a place they can draw without getting in trouble. That’s where our funny animal-shaped chalkboard vinyl comes in. The shape of the giraffe is much more interesting than your standard chalk board. It will catch your child’s imagination and add something fun from the animal kingdom to their room. It’s as easy to put on a wall as a wall sticker but works like any normal chalkboard.

Learning The Alphabet

One of the main things which your child needs to learn when they’re young is the alphabet. This isn’t always easy to learn. Children’s attention spans can be pretty short! One way to catch a child’s attention is with our Peacock Alphabet Vinyl Wall Decal.The unique design of the peacock has the alphabet within it. This makes learning the alphabet more fun and playful for kids. We know it’s important to match your interior decor. That’s why we offer our vinyl wall decals in eight beautiful matte colours.

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