Why Vinyl Wall Stickers?

We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so it’s only right you have a space which reflects your individual style. Choosing a vinyl wall sticker to suit your bedroom can be tricky. Choose the right one and you can complement a bedroom for the better. Whether the bedroom vinyl sticker will help you learn or help keep things organised. You can add some much-needed colour and design to the bedroom walls. It’s important you find the right vinyl wall art for you and your special hideaway.

Kids Bedroom Vinyl Sticker Pack

A child’s bedroom isn’t just a room for your kid to sleep in every night. It’s much more. It’s a place of learning and a space for your child to grow. We have several different stickers to help a child learn the key life lessons. Learning the different types of weather is something everyone learns in life. What better way to learn than using our Weather Sticker Pack For Kids? The weather vinyl stickers come in a collection. From the colourful vinyl rainbow sticker to the gloomy rain vinyl sticker. Place the kid’s bedroom vinyl wall art anywhere you wish. Will you put it near your child’s bunk beds? Or above the piece of bedroom furniture?

Students Bedroom Wall Art

The student life is great but can be very busy and hectic. Whether you’re still at school or college. You might have even flown the nest to university. Being organised is essential for academic success. Having an organised room is a great place to start. We have the answer for this: the To Do List Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Art. The chalkboard effect of the vinyl sticker works like a normal chalkboard. Never miss a deadline or be late to class. You can write down all the work you need to complete. Take note of any errands which you have to do and keep everything organised.


Teenage Bedroom Wall Art

A teenage bedroom can be difficult. There are several things to take into consideration when designing for a teenager. Before you know it you have outgrown your bedroom and you’re embarrassed by the wallpaper you chose when you were 14 years old. The Banksy Dog Barking At Intruder Vinyl Wall Art is a cool graffiti piece. The Banksy piece can make the teenage bedroom very trendy. Our vinyl bedroom wall stickers are easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Just watch our detailed tutorial videos on how to stick your wall art on your wall.

Bedroom Vinyl Decal

Everyone dreams of having their perfect bedroom. Nice bedroom furniture, favourite colour scheme and a comfortable bed. Perfecting all these can be expensive. We have a  solution to your bedroom decor problems. The Native American Double Dreamcatcher Vinyl Wall Art Decal. Position the bedroom vinyl wall sticker above the bed and let the dream catcher catch all your bad dreams. Learn more about the history of the dream catcher here. Show off your personality and create a feature wall in the bedroom.

Can’t Find The Right Wall Art For Your Bedroom?

Couldn’t find any inspiration for your next vinyl wall sticker? Don’t panic we have a wide range of vinyl wall art on our website. Have a browse, there is a vinyl wall art sticker out there for everyone! Check out our blog How to Accessorize Your Home for some much-needed help.

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