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There’s a whole bunch of things to think about when you launch a new brand and bar. Getting your bar and restaurant branding right is key. You put a lot of thought into it. You shouldn’t have to put a lot of thought into getting the production and fitting of your bar and restaurant branding right! That’s where we come in.

We’ve worked with the boys over at In The Spirit Events to help them brand a lot of different things from vans, to buses to pop-up bars. They recently launched Joe Perks on St Clements in Oxford. They had their branding just right. But they needed someone to deal with all of their vinyl graphics branding. We’re all about vinyl graphics and we love going to bars so its always a treat to help a bar with their branding. Free drinks for our efforts? Yes please!

Why use vinyl graphics for bar and restaurant branding?

The sheer diversity of vinyl materials we use enable us to get exactly the right finish for any customer. A lot of thought was put into the interior design over at Joe Perks. So why not put some thought into the vinyl graphics part of the branding? We combined different vinyl materials to achieve just the right effect: cut-lettering for the front of the bar, matte white vinyl decals for the ice bucket branding, custom FridgeWraps for behind the bar, and even some opaque frosted vinyl on the glass panel drinks fridges.

Looking for your own bar and restaurant branding?

Are you based in the UK and want someone to install some branding for your bar? Maybe you live abroad and just want someone to supply you with vinyl graphics? Get in touch! We take on all projects big and small and there’s nothing we like more than to work with other small businesses.

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