Covering up blank wall spaces can be a tiresome task that’s not only time consuming but also expensive. With a roll of wallpaper costing anything between £15-£20 before the materials you need to apply it, you have to question if it’s worth it.

If you don’t really fancy the stress and expense of decorating with wallpaper, then why not try Wall Stickers? Using Wall Art is now one of the most popular ways to decorate your home and business. It’s easy to see why:


Vinyl Wall Art is created to last. All our decals are made with high quality sign vinyl that has an outdoor life of up to 5 years (just imagine its lifespan indoors!). All our stickers are made with sign vinyl with an outdoor life of up to 3 years but they last and last way beyond that indoors.

Cost Effective & Easy To Apply

Decorating with wall stickers is a great alternative to taking hours on end hanging up wallpaper yourself. Or even paying the hefty price of hiring a decorator….. plus you don’t have the headache of trying to match your wallpaper to the the previous drop!

Our quality vinyl means all of our products are very easy to apply (even if you’ve never done it before) and you don’t need a tool kit to do it. Simply peel the sticker off and attach it to the surface you want.  Use a card (or something with a flat edge) to remove any bubbles. If it’s a decal, peel off the final application tape layer and you’re done.


When Wall Stickers first came out you’d struggle to find them in any other colour than black or white. That’s not the case today. All our wall art decals are available in eight stunning matte finishes.!

The designs of Wall stickers have come a long way too: they’re a lot more complex and impressive. If you are fan of the graffiti artist Banksy or you are a huge Doctor Who fan, you can get some great contemporary stickers for that empty wall space. It looks great and adds style to your surroundings.

No Marks

If you ever wish to remove a Wall Sticker, it’s simple to do and doesn’t require removers, bags of rubbish and ugly walls like you can get when removing wallpaper.  Simply add a bit of heat to the sticker (a hairdryer will work just fine) and remove the stickers.  There’s no paint, paste or residue left behind, which is very convenient.

Quick To Apply Anywhere

Wall Stickers can be applied to pretty much any surface (it’s better if it’s flat though), meaning that you’re not stifled with your decorating. Here’s some suggestions of places to apply them:

  • Glass
  • Windows and doors
  • Mirrors
  • Wardrobes
  • Stairs
  • Book shelves
  • Toy chests

Focusing on those last two points, these can be great for your Child’s Bedroom or nursery, saving the tough decision of which colour to paint the room.

As you can see Wall Stickers are an excellent cost- and time-saving way to decorate your home.  There’s no mess involved in the application or removal process and with Custom Wall Sticker designs available, the only barrier is your imagination.

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