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Whether you’re the proud owner of a PS4 Slim or an Xbox One S, there is one thing they both have in common. Both of these gaming consoles look a little boring and say nothing about who you are. All gamers were not created equal. So why should all consoles look equal? Your PS4 or Xbox One S is the same as every other console. But are you the same as every other gamer? PS4 Slim skins and Xbox One S skins express who you are as a gamer and make your console stand out of the crowd. They even add a layer of protection from minor scratches to your beloved console. Find out the best reasons to vinyl wrap your console and discover the stylish console skins you can choose from.

You’re unique. Your console should be too

Your gaming style is unique. It’s time your console was too. Show off your personality and make your video game console unique with a PS4 Slim Skin or Xbox One S Skin. Give your gaming console a fresh new look for a great price in a few simple steps. We have a wide range of styles for your games console which includes wood skins, granite skins, camo skins and marble skins. No matter what your gaming style or personal preferences. We have a console skin just for you. Browse our full collection of PS4 Slim Wraps and Xbox One S Skins now and find the perfect console skin for you!

Your console deserves some protection

Keeping your PS4 or Xbox console in excellent condition is hard. Minor scratches and dust can slowly damage the surface of your expensive device. Vinyl skins are a great way to cover scratches and protect it from minor new ones. Our console skins are precision cut so you can guarantee every inch of your console is protected once your console skin is applied. When you’re ready to upgrade your console to the next generation you can pull your vinyl skin right off. That way your console will look good as new if you want to sell it.

Console skins are easy to apply

Made from special air-release vinyl, our console wraps are designed for easy application. The air-release technology makes bubble-free application a breeze. That means you get a great looking console skin in a few simple steps. Follow our detailed online application videos to help you fit your PS4 Slim Skin and Xbox One S Skin.

Watch our online application videos

Now you know the reasons why you should wrap your console. Express your gaming style. Add a personal decorative touch to your gaming room. Protect your console from minor scratches. All with a vinyl console skin that’s easy to apply bubble-free. What’s the next step to level up your PS4 Slim or Xbox One S? Find the PS4 Slim Skin or Xbox One S Skin you love in our shop.

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