These days changing the design of your Playstation 4 has become easier than ever. Whether you paint it yourself or buy a custom PS4 skin, it will stand out and look great. It’s guaranteed to impress and make all your friends envious. We have searched the web to find our top 5 awesome custom PS4 stickers, skins and paint jobs.

Blue Custom Painted PS4

This is a beautiful hand-painted PlayStation 4. The blue artwork consists of a young girl who has a multicoloured stream of colours going down her body. This creates an eye-catching effect on the console. The design also includes a matching controller. The amount of time which has been put into creating this custom PS4 is what makes it so impressive. This was posted 3 years ago by Alex onto Cemetech.

A custom painted PS4
Custom vinyl PS4 controller wrap

Multicoloured PS4 Controller

This is a custom designed PlayStation 4 controller. The solid white is covered in splats of colour. The purple and green work well together to make it stand out. The analogue sticks are painted a different colour. The vibrant controller is bright, bold and quirky. A very unique PS4 controller. It shows how the simplest of touches can make anything stand out. Lastredditusername posted this on  Imgur 2 years ago.

Customized Batman PS4 Controller

This PS4 controller has been created with a brushed metal effect. A Batman badge is included on the controller to make it personalised. It has been finished off with a red blood effect. This is a fantastic controller for any Batman lovers out there. There is a great deal of detail on this controller which is evident with the design. This was posted by Renzor9 onto Reddit  2 months ago.

A custom sliver brushed wrap

Gold Chrome PS4 Wrap

The shiny gold chrome PS4 skin has become one of our best sellers. It gives your PS4 an expensive feel and adds a wow factor. Watch the light bounce off your PlayStation 4 as it reflects off the shiny golden wrap. The wrap also reduces the likelihood of scratches on your console. Make it look awesome whilst protecting it. Now that’s a win win! It even comes with matching PS4 controller stickers.

Dark Mahogany PS4 Skin

Having your PS4 wrapped in a wooden design has become very popular. The dark Mahogany wrap is no exception. Dark Mahogany is a rare and expensive hardwood. Good thing this PS4 skin comes at an unbelievable price! Transform your PlayStation console into a rare hardwood in a few simple steps. It even protects your console from scratches and helps it blend in anywhere.

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