Vinyl decals are cut into rolls of vinyl. This means your artwork or lettering must be in vector format. Vinyl decals are also prepared for application by hand after machines have cut your design. There is a limit to how small your detail can be as a result. We recommend not having a shape in your design that is smaller than 5mm x 5mm.

Don’t have vector artwork or design experience? No problem. Our team can help you turn your existing single-colour artwork into a vinyl decal. In this case, we will need the highest possible resolution file of your artwork.

Because vinyl decals are cut into material rather than printed, your artwork needs to be a single colour or finish. That doesn’t mean you have limited possibilities though! We offer glossy, matte, reflective, chrome and many more specialty finishes.

A very long time. We make our vinyl decals from high performance sign vinyl. This kind of automotive-grade vinyl is manufactured to last outdoors for 5-7 years. Custom decals can often last far longer than that depending on the surface and the conditions during application.

Just want one incredibly unique decal for yourself? Want 10,000 promotional vinyl decals for an event or 500 to sell in your own shop? No problem. There’s no limit to the amount of custom decals you can get. The more you order, the more you save!

Very high volume orders qualify for special discount rates and are subject to different lead times than smaller orders.

You can pull your vinyl decal right off whenever you want. You don’t want lots of gooey or paper residue on your surface when you remove your custom vinyl decal. That’s why we use high performance sign vinyl. This type of automotive-grade vinyl sticks better on different surfaces and helps minimise any residue on your surface when you remove it. Minor adhesive residue after long periods of time can be easily removed with a cloth or paper towel.

Custom vinyl decals can be applied to nearly any smooth surface. Windows, walls, vehicles, floors, cabinets, fridges, wood, plastic, glass, concrete and lots more. Not sure your custom decal will stick on your surface? Let us know the surface type in your message and we’ll find the perfect material.

Vinyl decals can be applied to most wall types and painted surfaces. It’s crucial to allow enough time for freshly painted walls to fully dry. If not, the adhesive on your custom decals can fail and the decals will fall off.

A freshly painted wall needs at least 21 days to dry before applying custom decals. We recommend applying a water-based eggshell finish and giving this enough time to dry as well. This guarantees your custom decal will stick well and last for a long time.

Our standard thickness for vinyl decals is 2mm. This makes sure your custom decal is very durable and sticks well to your surface. The absolute minimum we can produce a vinyl decal is 0.8mm. If the decal is cut any thinner this will create problems during production and application stages.


Tell us the quantity of decals you want.

We can make custom decal orders of any size. We need to know the quantity you want to give you an accurate quote.

Measure the size you want in centimeters (cm).

We can cut custom decals as short as 3 cm wide and as long as you could ever want. Tell us what size you need so we can prepare your quote quickly.

Tell us the colour and finish you want.

We have tons of different colours and specialty finishes for any type of custom decal. Have a CMYK, HEX or PANTONE colour reference? We can work with you to find the closest match from our colour range. Need an exact match? We can print it as a sticker and cut out your lettering or artwork afterwards.

Need a glossy finish or prefer a matte effect? Tell us so that we can help you choose the right colour options.


Describe what you want in detail. Attach high-resolution artwork or reference images if possible.

The creative possibilities of vinyl are endless. There’s no limit to what we can print on or cut into vinyl. Custom sizes of stock designs from our shop, simple colours, complex custom artwork or even photographs. Describe exactly what you want in detail and always attach the highest resolution artwork (or vector) that you have available. This helps you get a quick and accurate quote.

Don’t have artwork? No problem. Our designers can make it for you as long as you describe what you want in detail.

Send vector artwork if you have it.

Your artwork must be in vector format for custom vinyl decals or lettering. If you don’t have a vector file, we can help you make one. You will need to send the highest possible resolution image file you have for this to work well.

Attach the highest resolution file you have.

Large custom wraps and vinyl stickers require high resolution images if you don’t have vector artwork. Make sure to send the highest resolution file you have available to you. This ensures you get the highest quality result possible.

A good rule of thumb is this. Want something 10 cm x 10 cm or larger? Your file should be at least 1 MB large. If not, it is probably very low resolution and will not print well.

Follow these technical specifications to get the best results.

Vector files (ai/svg/eps) in CMYK colour format are the best files to send. CMYK format ensures you get perfect colour matching between your custom print and the artwork in your document. Vector files mean we can scale your artwork to any size without losing any quality.

Make your file to scale when possible and set the document units to millimeters. All cut paths for die-cut stickers should be saved in a separate layer titled ‘CutContour’ and set to 1 pt stroke with a spot colour of bright magenta.

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Automative-grade sign vinyl.

We use the same high quality sign vinyl for our custom fridge decals that businesses use on their vehicles. Why? Because fridges are subjected to heavy use. We use sign vinyl we know will stand up to all that use. The best part? You can easily clean your fridge and the decal without worrying about it peeling off.

Supply only or professionally installed.

We offer professional installation services with our custom fridge decals. Only getting a simple decal or don’t want installation? No problem. We can ship your custom fridge decal straight to your door and you can apply it yourself after watching our How To videos.

Fridge decals in any finish you want.

Looking for a high gloss finish to match your interior? Prefer a matte finish that will reduce glare from light reflections and create a paint-like effect on your refrigerator? Want specialty marble textures, chrome gold, or even wood effect vinyl? We have all that and whole lot more.

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