Vinyl shop signage can be applied to nearly any smooth surface. Windows, walls, cabinets, fridges, wood, plastic, glass, concrete and lots more. Not sure shop signage will stick on your surface? Let us know the surface type in your message and we’ll find the perfect material.

Shop wall art can be applied to most wall types and painted surfaces. It’s crucial to allow enough time for freshly painted walls to fully dry. If not, the adhesive on your wall art can fail and the custom graphics can fall off.

A freshly painted wall needs at least 21 days to dry before applying wall art. We recommend applying a water-based eggshell finish and giving this enough time to dry as well. This guarantees your wall art will stick well and last for a long time.

There are several things you should do before vinyl fitters arrive. This increases the lifespan of your shop signage and reduces fitting time.

  • Clean any surfaces where we will apply signage to remove dust from the surface. Minimise the amount of dust in the air as much as possible for indoor shop signage.
  • Remove any wall fittings on surface where wall art is being applied. This includes light switches, mounted TVs, coat hooks, framed pictures and anything else that could get in the way.
  • Make sure a freshly painted wall has been allowed to dry for 21 days.

There is no size limit for your shop signage. Looking to create a large focus wall? Large wall art and full wall wraps are a fantastic way to make a bold statement and transform any space. Our printers have a maximum print height of 1300mm but there’s no limit to the size of area you can cover. We simply split your shop signage into smaller pieces that are individually applied.


Measure the maximum height off the ground where you need signage.

Fitting graphics in high areas can be dangerous for our vinyl fitters and requires additional equipment. We need to know the maximum height where your signage is being applied so that we can organise ladders and platforms if necessary.

Let us know the surface type of your shop signage.

Your shop signage should look great and stand the test of time. Different materials behave differently on different surfaces. Please tell us if your surface is exposed brick, bare concrete, a flat or bumpy finish, emulsion painted or not. This helps choose the right kind of material for the job and gives you the best possible result.

Provide measurements for your shop signage in centimeters (cm).

Wrong measurements are the most common mistake we come across. To get perfect results, carefully measure the spaces where you need shop signage. The more measurements the better.

If measuring for simple text or logos, tell us the size you want for the final artwork. For full wall wraps, carefully measure the dimensions of your wall excluding the skirting board at the bottom. This ensures your wall branding covers your entire wall perfectly.

Send us your postcode to get a quote including professional installation.

Shop signage should look professional. We always recommend getting your shop signage fitted by our team of professional vinyl fitters. This is especially true for larger shop signage projects. On a tight budget or feel confident fitting some simple signage yourself? Watch our detailed tutorial videos on our How To page.


Describe what you want in detail. Attach high-resolution artwork or reference images if possible.

The creative possibilities of vinyl are endless. There’s no limit to what we can print on or cut into vinyl. Custom sizes of stock designs from our shop, simple colours, complex custom artwork or even photographs. Describe exactly what you want in detail and always attach the highest resolution artwork (or vector) that you have available. This helps you get a quick and accurate quote.

Don’t have artwork? No problem. Our designers can make it for you as long as you describe what you want in detail.

Send vector artwork if you have it.

Your artwork must be in vector format for custom vinyl decals or lettering. If you don’t have a vector file, we can help you make one. You will need to send the highest possible resolution image file you have for this to work well.

Attach the highest resolution file you have.

Large custom wraps and vinyl stickers require high resolution images if you don’t have vector artwork. Make sure to send the highest resolution file you have available to you. This ensures you get the highest quality result possible.

A good rule of thumb is this. Want something 10 cm x 10 cm or larger? Your file should be at least 1 MB large. If not, it is probably very low resolution and will not print well.

Follow these technical specifications to get the best results.

Vector files (ai/svg/eps) in CMYK colour format are the best files to send. CMYK format ensures you get perfect colour matching between your custom print and the artwork in your document. Vector files mean we can scale your artwork to any size without losing any quality.

Make your file to scale when possible and set the document units to millimeters. All cut paths for die-cut stickers should be saved in a separate layer titled ‘CutContour’ and set to 1 pt stroke with a spot colour of bright magenta.


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Your menu boards are more than information.

Menu boards don’t just tell your customers what to order. They shape how your customer experiences your brand. From quirky decals to elaborate menu displays to simple and informative menu boards. Create menus that reflect your brand. Contact us to discover how we can help you create unique menu boards that will get your customers coming back for more.

Unique vinyls to reflect your brand.

Menu boards come in all shapes, styles and sizes. We a huge range of vinyl materials to match your brand. Every element of your menu board plays a part in your customer’s perception of your services. Right down to the materials they are made from. We have chrome vinyls, frosted effect, wood textures, matte colours, gloss finishes and more.

Personal service and quick production.

Speaking to shop signage professionals helps you understand your options and pick the right solution for your budget. Our team is here to serve you. Once your artwork is proofed, your menu boards will be quickly and beautifully produced. We know time matters when it comes to branding your shop. Your menus should never slow you down.

Professional vinyl fitting services.

Menu boards can be tricky to apply. There are usually a lot of small letters that make installation difficult. Use our professional installation services for a worry-free menu board experience. Your menus will last longer and look better. Our experienced vinyl fitters will travel to you and install everything for you. GET FREE QUOTE

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