Join our artist community. Use existing artwork or make totally new designs. Get creative and help us get you noticed on the web through our channels. Make some money and increase your exposure with highly flexible licensing terms. Let’s grow together and make some awesome products for the world to see.

Are You An Artist? We'd Love to Work With You.

We provide you with your own profile on our site. We link to whatever blog or website you want directly from your profile here. We sell your work on Etsy, NotOnTheHighStreet, Amazon and our own online shop. On top of all that we promote your work alongside other artists on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Our goal is to sell your work as vinyl stickers and decals while increasing your fan base around the world. We want you to grow with us.

How we sell your work really depends on you. Our priority is giving you what you want. We are very flexible. Do you want to sell you work as Macbook stickers, wall graphics and limited edition prints? We’ll make it happen. Do you only want one or two of those options? Just let us know. Do you only want your work to be sold on select online platforms? No problem. We do our best to accommodate your needs and give you plenty of options every step of the way.

We pay you a commission on each item sold. The percentage depends on how you supply the artwork. Submitting your work in vector format that is ready to cut? You’ll get 17% on every item sold. That could be a lot of money in your pocket when it comes to selling the same work in multiple formats on multiple online markets. Submitting your art as an image file? No problem. We will prepare it for sale as vinyl graphics. You still get 12% of each sale. The other 5% goes to our team with the experience to transform your design into a working cut file. How does it work when it comes to getting paid for all those sales? We transfer your commission in GBP at the end of every financial quarter via PayPal or direct bank transfer. We’ll send you a detailed breakdown of your sales too.

The best way to send your work is by email or WeTransfer if the files are very large. We prefer to get your artwork as a vector because this is the format our machines understand. However, there is no problem with sending your work as an image file. Our team will take all the necessary steps to turn it into a vinyl graphic. Then we will send you a proof to check before going into production. Have a question? No problem! Just contact us.

Our licensing terms reflect our philosophy that puts artists first. We want to give you as much flexibility as you need to keep selling and promoting your work elsewhere. We license work from artists on a global, non-exclusive basis. This means you continue to own the copyright to everything you send us. Plus you can license it to anyone else that you want. Our licensing terms are designed to safeguard your rights as an artist while ensuring that we are permitted to produce, sell and advertise your vinyl artwork across all of our markets. Have any questions? No problem! Just contact us.

We are looking for artists motivated to showcase their work on our site and make some money while they explore the creative side of vinyl graphics. We are a business. We love art and we want to help you promote your work but at the end of the day we are also trying to sell your work for profit to as many people as possible. Art is an expensive business and the majority of people we know cannot spend the thousands it takes to get some of the art they love into their homes. Vinyl graphics allow artists to make a single design and replicate it as many times as they want. This means there is an opportunity to get some of your work into as many homes around the world as possible. We are open to any and all types of work. We know we couldn’t possibly be an accurate judge of what people want so outsourcing our design to artists around the world is a great way to open our doors to new ideas.

Great! We love getting work specifically designed for us. We sell two types of products: 1) cut graphics 2) printed graphics.

Cut graphics are decals: designs cut into vinyl by a cutting machine. It’s basically a printer with a knife. The design can be any single colour you want that is available in vinyl from our suppliers. Because these are cut by machine, there is a limit to how complicated the design can be. It also means your design must be one colour. If you really want a design with several block colours we can work something out but as a rule of thumb cut graphics are of a single colour. The simpler the better.

Printed graphics are stickers and, well, printed. You can pack as many colours as you want and make your design as complicated as you want. What we will do is print it out and then cut a contour onto your design wherever you have specified. Lots of colour is great but we love the simplicity of single colour graphics when it comes to interior design so we offer both. You can read more about the differences between vinyl decals and stickers on our blog.

Our vinyl cutter loves to eat .eps files. The best way to send your artwork is as a vector. We work primarily with illustrator but if you design your vectors on other programs that’s fine. If you have no idea what vectors are that’s fine too. We can convert your designs into vectors for you. Please note that because of the time involved in vector conversion this results in a smaller commission for you.

The file types we accept in order of preference are:

  1. Vector files (EPS, AI, CDR, CGM, DXF, EVA and other vector formats)
  2. Raster files (JPEF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and any other image formats)

Want to check if your files are suitable? No problem! Just contact us.



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