Looking for some inspirational wall art or macbook stickers? We teamed up with talented artist Greg Mably on a new range of original vinyl stickers. And we’re very excited about the result. It’s not every day you get to transform unique illustrations into some of the best stickers money can buy.

Greg Mably‘s visual language makes use of modernist design principles such as grid-based compositions, colour fields and geometric forms to create imagery that is at times abstract, figurative or a combination of the two.

Browse his products below or head straight to the Greg Mably shop full of inspirational wall art and macbook stickers.

Greg Mably is now part of our exclusive collaborations with artists from all over the world to create unique vinyl decals and stickers. The modernist style of his collection of wall art will bring new life to your interiors. No matter what your current interior decor is, there’s always a wall somewhere that needs an extra touch of personal flair. Made with EasyStick vinyl, our wall art strikes the perfect balance between durability and easy application. Don’t forget to watch our How To videos before transforming your room.

Our macbook stickers are second to none. When you care about what you do, you make beautiful things. That’s why we’re so proud to work with Greg Mably to offer you the finest vinyl stickers this side of the Milky Way.

Support exceptional illustrator Greg Mably today by buying one of his stickers made exclusively with us at Vinyl Revolution.