Vinyl Revolution is here to install your wall graphics quickly and professionally. This checklist makes this possible and ensures the longest possible lifespan for your graphics. Please read it carefully and provide any necessary details.

Confirm you have done the following before your fitting:

Allocate a parking spot

Easy parking means faster installation. If parking is not available on site, notify Vinyl Revolution and recommend alternative parking if possible.

Assign someone to let fitters in and provide a contact number

Make sure someone can let the fitting team in and show them to the relevant areas for installing graphics.

Take accurate dimensions

If you are getting a full wall cover, ensure we have accurate dimensions for the height and length of your wall. Best practice is to measure the height in 3 places along the length of the wall. Ceiling heights do sometimes vary and our goal is to make sure you have the best possible looking graphic.

Notify us of the finish or paint used on the wall

Does the wall have a rough finish or is it dusty/chalky? This helps us choose the best vinyl for the job. For freshly painted walls, we recommend a carefully applied water-based eggshell finish. If paint is cracking, bubbled or poorly applied, we recommend stripping it and re-painting.

Tell us about fittings

Are there any wall fittings (light switches, mounted TVs, coat hooks, framed pictures, etc) that we need to be aware of? Please remove any fittings you can before our fitters arrive.

Clean installation areas

Wiping dust off walls and surfaces will greatly improve the lifespan of your graphics. Minimise the amount of dust in the air for the best possible result. Clear the area where work is to be carried out, so that all installation areas are accessible.

Ensure fresh paint has dried for 21 days

Fresh paint can cause adhesive failure for vinyl graphics. All newly painted surfaces must be given sufficient time to dry completely.

Notify us if any fitting areas are over 2.5m in height

Fitting graphics in high areas can be dangerous. We need to know in advance so we can hire adequate ladders or platforms to reach these areas.

Ensure there is a electrical socket we can use

A long-lasting and professional install requires the use of heat guns. Please ensure a mains power source is available in the fitting area. Our fitters will have extension cables if needed.

Give at least 24 hours notice if anything changes or any of the above is not possible

Vinyl Revolution reserves the right to hold you liable for your invoice if our fitters arrive on site with the graphics and you have not taken the steps required to prepare.

Is vinyl already installed on site?

Carry out a test removal. Removal of vinyl is not always simple. If the vinyl has been on for a long period of time or the paint is not well adhered to the wall, vinyl can pull paint away from the wall and make it an unsuitable surface for re-application. In some instances, it may be necessary to strip the wall and repaint before we can apply the new graphics. If you’re able to test a corner of the vinyl to see if any paint comes away, we can quote more accurately on graphics removal.