Vinyl Revolution is here to install your vehicle graphics quickly and professionally. This checklist makes this possible and ensures the longest possible lifespan for your graphics. Please read it carefully and provide any necessary details.

Confirm you have done the following before your fitting:

Ensure paintwork is clean and without marks, scratches or rust

We recommend washing the vehicle before install. This includes jet washing the arches if we are installing around that area. Do not wax or polish the surface. An untreated surface is best for install.

Tell us about the condition of the paintwork

Is the paint the original manufacturer paint or has it been repaired or repainted at some stage? This can impact installation and the lifetime of your wrap. If the paintwork is poorly applied or bubbling, Vinyl Revolution cannot be held responsible for any damage to the paintwork which occurs on installation or removal of graphics.

Give at least 24 hours notice if anything changes or you can’t meet any of these requirements

Vinyl Revolution reserves the right to hold you liable for your invoice if our fitters arrive on site with the graphics and you have not taken the steps required to prepare.

If we’re driving out to you:

Please allocate a parking spot

Easy parking means faster installation. If parking is not available on site, notify Vinyl Revolution and recommend alternative parking if possible.

Clear the installation area

Please clear or tidy the area where work is to be carried out. It should be well lit and the installation surfaces should all be accessible. Minimise dust and dirt for the best possible application. Installation areas should be heated ideally, since this impacts how well vinyl adheres.

Ensure there is a electrical socket we can use

A durable and professional wrap requires the use of heat guns. Please ensure a mains power source is available near the appliance. Our fitters will have extension cables if needed.

Assign someone to meet the fitters and provide a contact number

Make sure someone can let the fitting team in and show them to the relevant areas for installing graphics.