Vinyl Revolution is here to install your appliance wrap quickly and professionally. This checklist makes this possible and ensures the longest possible lifespan for your graphics. Please read it carefully and provide any necessary details.

Confirm you have done the following before your fitting:

Allocate a parking spot

Easy parking means faster installation. If parking is not available on site, notify Vinyl Revolution and recommend alternative parking if possible.

Assign someone to let fitters in and provide a contact number

Make sure someone can let the fitting team in and show them to the relevant areas for installing graphics.

Clean installation areas

Please wipe down all surfaces where vinyl is to be installed. Minimise the amount of dust in the air for the best possible result. Clear the area where work is to be carried out, so that all application surfaces are accessible.

Unpack appliance if still in packaging

If we are wrapping a new appliance, make sure it has been unpacked from the original packaging.

remove any handles if possible

Since we don’t typically wrap handles and edge trims, they may need to be removed for application. This depends on your fridge. Remove handles if possible before our fitters arrive.

ensure there is a electrical socket we can use

A durable and professional wrap requires the use of heat guns. Please ensure a mains power source is available near the appliance. Our fitters will have extension cables if needed.