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What Surfaces Do Vinyl Stickers Stick To?

Vinyl stickers

We get a lot of customers asking us what surfaces vinyl stickers can stick to. We decided to set the record straight and explain in detail. Don’t forget. Vinyl stickers are not the same as vinyl decals. Read our blog post on that to learn more about the difference. Want to know what surface vinyl […]

5 Ways To Accessorise Your Macbook

macbook branding uk vinyl revolution

Everybody loves to personalise their electronics. The Macbook is no exception. Minimalist design is great but the Apple logo is too impersonal for some. A brand new Apple Macbook feels naked. It needs to be accessorised. Whether that’s a cool Macbook sticker or a trendy case to keep it protected. Looking for ways to make […]

4 Easy Bathroom Updates To Give Your Bathroom A Face Lift


It’s easy to forget about your bathroom.. It’s the one room in the house that is neglected the most. A room which receives little attention. It’s probably about time your bathroom was given a facelift. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A little change can make a massive difference. It could be a simple […]

Choosing The Perfect Vinyl For Your Next DIY Project

Behind The Cracks: Tropical Beach At Dusk Wall Art

Everybody loves a good old DIY project. The satisfaction of bringing new life to an old item or creating something beautiful with unwanted ones. Choosing the right material for your project can be difficult. However, vinyl could be the answer for your next DIY project. Use a custom vinyl design to vinyl wrap and refurbish […]

Top 5 Most Iconic Banksy Stickers & Decals

Vinyl macbook stickers & decals

Banksy is one of the world’s most popular graffiti artists. Banksy has blessed the walls of many cities with his controversial graffiti. However, you wouldn’t recognise him if he passed you on the street. Banksy has kept his real identity a well-guarded secret. A couple years ago we wrote an open letter to Banksy asking […]

The History Behind The Dream Catcher

Large vinyl decal

The dream catcher is a historic tradition of the Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher is meant to protect a sleeping individual from negative dreams but allow the positive dreams through. The dream catcher consists of a round hoop with a woven loose web of yarn. It’s decorated with beads and feathers which hang below […]

Create The Perfect Nursery With Vinyl Wall Art


Before your bundle of joy arrives home for the first time, you want to make sure the baby’s nursery is ready. Complete with beautiful nursery decor and filled with nursery furniture which is safe for the little one. The perfect nursery will help you make the most of your special time with your baby. Vinyl […]

How Vinyl Can Protect Your Electronics

Vinyl colour examples

Everyone loves the look of a brand new electronic gadget in pristine condition. Unfortunately keeping it like that is easier said than done. It’s hard to protect your precious electronics. They are pretty easy to scratch! Vinyl can help. Wrapping your electronics in vinyl protects the devices and ensures they are kept in perfect condition. […]

The History Of The Mandala

Vinyl wall art

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is seen as a very spiritual object. They are found amongst the most ancient art forms created by human beings. The most commonly known mandala design is made up of a square. It contains four gates with a circle centred in the middle. The mandala represents an imaginary palace […]

Show Off Your Country’s Heritage With This Selection Of Wall Art

Vietnam wall art

Your country’s heritage is very important. You inherit it at birth and it’s passed on from one generation to another. A country’s heritage is all about customs and traditions. Vinyl wall art is a great way of showing the colours of your country proudly. You can stick our selection of country wall stickers in the […]